Distracted driving
is the #1 cause of collisions
resulting in vehicle and cargo damage, revenue loss, insurance increases and reputational risk. Our mission is to keep drivers safely connected to incoming messages while eliminating all of the costs associated with distracted driving.
ping is more than just a safety tool
Drivers save time, fuel and mileage, and pick up more work by listening to messages in real-time.
  • Productivity on-the-go
  • Increase responsiveness and efficiency
  • Deliver exceptional service





Driving data

Two reading modes for your convenience
just me
Just me mode reads all messages aloud automatically.
Passengers mode reads only the ‘sender’ and ‘subject’ but no message content.
Experience innovation with ping.
Experience the benefits

ping's patented app and SDK automatically reads dispatch and load notifications, emails, texts and other time-sensitive messages out loud with no action from the driver, meaning a safer, more connected team.

Proactive prevention

With increasingly strict handheld device laws including hefty fines, points and license suspensions, every professional driver is at risk. A vehicle or driver out of commission negatively impacts the entire network.

Automatic detection

In the event of a high impact crash, ping automatically generates notifications for emergency services including time, location and potential injury severity, a truly lifesaving service when every second matters.

Valued partnerships

ping partners with trucking, delivery and gig economy companies, as well as industry associations to increase safety, productivity and efficiency for their drivers in the field.

We partner in 3 ways.

License ping’s ground-breaking app and provide it to all drivers to ensure safer driving habits and proactively eliminate texting and driving.

Marketing partnership

Share the benefits of ping’s app with your ecosystem of drivers and we share the revenue. Great PR message: “Nothing is more important to us than driver safety.”


ping’s “drive mode” functionality can be embedded into your apps for a clean, integrated experience. Innovation meets driver acquisition and retention.

Together, we have a huge opportunity
to make the roads safer for all by enhancing
driver safety and productivity on the go.
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