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Safety & Productivity

The BEST new fleet solution on the planet

Staying in touch with employees in the field is critical. Being disconnected from texts, emails and internal messaging platforms while driving squashes productivity.

But having a vehicle or employee out of commission because of a crash can be a huge hit on revenue; increasing insurance rates, slowing down the workforce and reducing profits.

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Save time, gas and mileage

by safely messaging drivers in real-time

Reduce risk & improve safety

by eliminating the “need” for drivers to touch their phones


of commercial vehicle crashes involve distracted driving

1.6 million

distracted driving collisions per year in the US


Average cost

Average cost to a fleet owner per crash in medical care, property damage, legal fees, increased insurance rates and lost productivity; excluding reputational damage

No new software

Use existing communication channels like email, text (SMS), Slack and WhatsApp. Re-route drivers, update appointment details, deliver important information without having to make a phone call. And drivers can review the message details again when they arrive at their destination.