Fleets using ping are committed to eliminating preventable incidents.
Even with strict “no phones” policies, it’s extremely difficult to control driver behavior as messages stream in. Property damage, productivity loss and injuries cost employers billions every year.
  • Reduce crashes, injuries and risk
  • Proactively eliminate distraction
  • Fully compliant with “no phones while driving” policies
  • Deploys in minutes on driver smartphones
  • Give drivers the tools to improve
  • Delivers material and sustainable financial savings (ROI)





Driving data

Enable drivers to be part of the safety culture.
ping's Driving Score provides individual feedback on the go
  • Pinpoints driving score daily
  • Updates driving score daily
  • Measure 7 telematic data points
Experience innovation with ping.
No new software
Use existing communication channels like: email, text, dispatch software, Slack and WhatsApp.

Not just a safety tool, employers and customers can now safely communicate with drivers in real-time, increasing productivity and saving time, gas and mileage when delivery or appointment details change (Instant ROI). Re-route drivers, update appointment details, deliver important information without having to make a phone call. And the driver can read the details when they arrive.

Driving score + Driver coaching

While telematics hardware tracks the vehicle, ping’s Driving Score provides individual feedback directly to each driver by monitoring their behavior like touching the phone, speeding, and harsh braking.

Smartphone-based telematics and AI enables employers to create driver profiles, reward safer driving and accurately manage risk. Data is key, but proactive driver coaching is where the real change happens. By lowering fuel consumption and maintenance costs, and dramatically reducing accidents, the savings are immediate and significant.

No usernames, passwords, message content or other personal data is ever stored or accessible.
ping works in the background to maximize productivity and safety.
We partner in 3 ways.
White Label Apps

We can build and support a branded safe driving app that runs seamlessly in the background. Zero impact on your product team.

SDK Integrations

ping’s lightweight software development kit (SDK) can be imbedded into existing apps for a clean, integrated experience. Minimal product resources.

ping’s Fleet Team

Work with our enterprise team to customize which features are right for your fleet of drivers.

Already working with a telematics
partner, FMC or other vendors?
Bring us along. We integrate seamlessly via SDK and API and can easily
customize to reduce the burden on internal and external product teams.
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