ping reads all messages and email on the go
  • Automatically reads your messages out loud
  • Provides feedback on how you drive
  • Runs seamlessly in the background
  • Works with smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home
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Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Keep your crew safe while on the road.

Make driver safety your priority.


ping reads incoming messages out loud while you focus on the road.


Stay connected by choosing which messages you’d like read aloud.


Listen in real-time while you focus on work.

at Home

Read and reply to any message type on demand.

Built to fit your business

Reduced risk, increased productivity, safer driving habits.

Insurance providers

Proactive crash prevention, behavior-based insurance and driver coaching.

Streaming audio

ping pauses the audio, reads the message and seamlessly restarts your listening experience.

Wireless providers

Increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue. The future of messages is VOICE.

Gig and delivery

Time is money. Never miss a time-senstive message again.

Fitness apps

Real-time and on-demand access to messages without looking at a screen.

Distracted driving is the #1 cause of collisions worldwide, yet 88% of drivers continue to check for messages.

Times per day most people check their phone


Distracted drivers are more likely to crash


Check their phone while driving


Average cost per crash

This clever app reads your text messages, emails (Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange and many others) and instant messages from all major platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Slack, Snapchat and others. The app also supports multiple languages.
Marc Saltzman
Using one’s phone and driving requires the brain to multitask which has been proven to be impossible. The brain handles tasks sequentially but when you use your phone while driving it is impossible for your brain to adequately refocus on driving quickly enough and therefore safely respond to road hazards.
Eugene Herbert
Managing Director of MasterDrive
ping was founded with a singular mission – to get every driver, passenger, cyclist and pedestrian home safely. The problem is that distracted driving is getting worse, not better, as we become more tied to technology and due to all of the new messaging applications being used for business and social.
Barrie Arnold
CRO & Co-founder of ping
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